Test, Verification, Validation

IDEAS performs extensive design verification and validation and qualification of their systems and integrated circuits. The company has more than 20-years experience with functional tests and performance characterization of integrated circuits and systems. IDEAS has a workshop and laboratory and clean room access. Tests are performed with radiation, at cryogenic and in other environments.
IDEAS offers the following test services.

Workshop and Laboratory

IDEAS has a workshop for micro-electronics assembly, system integration and a laboratory for testing and analysis. The facilities contain state-of-the-art and calibrated instruments for electronic tests and performance characterization of integrated circuits and systems. The environment is clean, has low humidity, constant temperature and is safe against device damage from electrostatic discharge. The workshop has an ultrasonic aluminum wire-bonder, solder and rework equipment. Clean room facilities are available.

Radiation Tests

IDEAS has several low-activity x-ray and gamma-ray sources that allow for the characterization of radiation detector systems and their readout electronics. IDEAS is also familiar with the testing of radiation effects at accelerator facilities. IDEAS has experience with heavy-ions, protons, pions, neutrons, electrons and gamma-ray to test for total ionizing dose (TID) and single event effects in accordance with European cooperation for space standardization (ECSS).

Cryogenic Tests

IDEAS has developed ASICs for the operation at cryogenic temperatures (e.g. NIRCA). To assure performance of the integrated circuits at low temperature, IDEAS has a cryogenic test facility – a cryogenic chamber that can house circuits and apply a temperature in the range from to 77 K (LN2) to 325 K with mK precision. The cryogenic chamber also allows testing of infrared detectors in the cold under infrared illumination.

Environmental Tests

Temperature effects are of great importance for many applications because they change the quality and performance and might damage the device. IDEAS has the capability to test devices and hardware in a temperature between -65 °C and +180 °C with regular recording and regulation of the temperature. Thermal tests are performed in design validation of ASICs and systems. IDEAS can also perform annealing and thermal shock tests.

LAT – Lot Acceptance Tests

IDEAS works with sub-vendors to accomplish ASIC wafer lot acceptance tests (LAT). The LAT involve the engineering preparation work (test plan, test program specification, probe-card preparation, implementation of the test setup, validation of the test setup), wafer-level tests, logistics and reporting.