System Development

  • IDEAS has over 20 years’ experience with radiation detection system integration.
  • Building on our core ASIC technology, we develop the necessary systems electronics, firmware and software for the readout of radiation detectors and imagers.
  • A detector system often contains single or multiple sensors, each coupled to an IDEAS readout ASIC – high-end mixed signal integrated circuits, specifically tailored for the detector parameters.
  • IDEAS designs  system PCBs, building on experience from decades of electronics design for radiation detection and ASIC integration. Critical components are selected for low noise and high performance.
  • Detector systems include on-board controllers, for which IDEAS deliveries firmware and software that process the data from multiple detectors/ASICs and makes it available for the user on an external PC.

Custom System Development

  • Detector systems can be customized to the customer’s requirement. We work together with you to define the important system parameters and requirements for your preferred radiation sensors. Our highly integrated team includes experts on both ASIC design and system integration.
  • The detector front-end is customized to fit the selected sensor type. IDEAS can procure the chosen radiation detectors – then test and integrate them with the read-out electronics. Letting us integrate and validate the detectors reduces the project costs and risks.
  • The systems are tested and validated at IDEAS’ laboratories in Oslo, Norway.

Networks of Radiation Detectors

  • IDEAS has developed systems with multiple units working independently in network setups.
  • IDEAS has developed proprietary readout and control protocols for transmission of detector data to an external PC for further analysis. Multiple units can be connected over the same network.
  • The network protocols includes support for synchronization of multiple detector units. The accuracy of the synchronization can be customized after the customer’s requirements.
  • Applications include, but are not limited to, process flow tomographs and medical PET scanners.