Integrated circuits from IDEAS can be applied in:

Security Screening with X-rays
Customs and security personnel conduct security screening to protect property and people. They deter, detect and interdict threats or illicit materials. X-ray screening methods are commonly used to deter and detect objects that are concealed in baggage or containers. The nature of x-rays and their interaction with matter is ideal for various imaging techniques that allow inspection of the interiors without opening. State-of the-art is planar and multi-view transmission imaging using fixed x-ray fan beams and line scanners. Beyond state-of-the-art is x-ray diffraction and scatter imaging as well as energy resolved x-ray counting. The goal is always rapid screening of objects, ideally with no false alarm and no thread missed. IDEAS has designed integrated circuits that can be used for x-ray line scanners and x-ray cameras. We have also designed an x-ray line scanner and panel detectors.

  • CA3 ASIC for energy resolved x-ray photon counting line scanners with CZT/CdTe
  • IDE4184 for x-ray diffraction imaging with CZT/CdTe

Nuclear Proliferation Mitigation
Nuclear proliferation is the spread of nuclear weapons, fissionable material, and weapons-applicable nuclear technology and information. To monitor any spread of fissionable material one needs methods to detect it. Gamma ray detectors can be part of a system to detect fissionable materials. Depending on the method, gamma ray energies can be high (>10 MeV), and the detector energy resolution and sensitivity are very important, because it affects screening time needed.  IDEAS has developed ASICs and prototype readout systems for high resolution gamma ray detectors. This includes complete readout for multi-anode photomultiplier systems (MA-PMT) and CZT detectors.

  • VA32HDR14.3 for MA-PMT and ROSMAP system
  • IDE3422 in CZT based GammaVision

HOLOSCAN Holographic mm-Wave Imaging
The aim of the HOLOSCAN project is to develop a real-time video-rate multi-person surveillance system based on patented mm-wave antenna array approach.