Round Table on NORM, the Norwegian Radiation Monitor

Integrated Detector Electronics AS (IDEAS) hosted a round table on compact radiation monitors for space application. Participants of the European Space Agency (ESA), the Norwegian Space Centre (NSC), the University of Oslo (UiO), SINTEF Minalab and IDEAS discussed to bundle Norwegian competence in the field of space weather physics, electronics and detectors into a dedicated instrument named NORM, the Norwegian Radiation Monitor.

Radiation monitoring in space is vital for advancing knowledge in space physics, increasing space weather forecasting capabilities and protecting satellite assets that allow for our way of life. Relevant data is often obtained with the help of space instruments sensitive to energetic particles. These are known as radiation monitors. IDEAS has a long-standing heritage in supporting satellite missions with know-how and products. Noteworthy examples for IDEAS-supported radiation monitors are the Next Generation Radiation Monitor (NGRM) of Thales Alenia to fly on several high-key missions, or the Radhard Electron Monitor (RADEM) of EFACEC aboard the ESA JUICE mission to study Jupiter and its moons.

About IDEAS: Integrated Detector Electronics AS (IDEAS) designs chip-scale microelectronics for hybrid image sensors. IDEAS works with scientific organizations and commercial partners to innovate and create new products for applications in science, space, and industry.

Radiation monitor round table participants from SINTEF Minalab, UiO, IDEAS, NSC, and ESA. Image credit: IDEAS.

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