Product Description

The IDE-XCS-1000 series is a family of energy-resolved photon counting systems for x-ray and gamma photons. The detector system is delivered with an array of pixelated mono-crystal CZT sensors, arranged in a line pattern. The detector readout electronics is based on IDEAS proprietary frontend IC technology.

Three versions are available in the series, with 1, 3 and 6 energy threshold levels respectively. The multiple energy levels are counted in parallel.

Multiple detectors can be connected together in a larger synchronized counting system. Each detector unit includes input and output interfaces for synchronization.

The counting data is available over a standard Ethernet interface, using a custom TCP/UDP based readout and control protocol. The detector system is delivered with the “IDEAS Testbench Software” testing software and a detailed user manual, including an interface description for the packet protocol. On request a C API and/or LabVIEW API can also be delivered together with the detector system.


Ordering Information

Product ID Energy Bins Pixel Pitch Pixels per Segment Pixel Layout per Segment
IDE-XCS-1108 1 1.6 mm   896 112 x 8
IDE-XCS-1308 3
IDE-XCS-1604 6 448 112 x 4
IDE-XCS-1118 1 800 μm 896   224 x 4
IDE-XCS-1318 3
IDE-XCS-1614 6 448 224 x 2
IDE-XCS-1124 1 400 μm 448   448 x 1
IDE-XCS-1624 6

Product Features

Detectors CZT or CdTe
Applications NDT, Process Flow Tomography, Sorting, Security
Number of pixels Up to 896 or 1024 (896x1, 448x1, 224x4 or 112x8)
Scalable Yes, up to several meters
Spectral Channels 6, 3 or 1
Input charge range Up to 130 keV (customizable, higher energies possible)
Pixel pitch 200μm, 400μm, 800μm or 1.6 mm
Event Rates Up to 2*10^6 events/s/mm
Energy resolution < 6.5 % FWHM at 122 keV (detectors only)
Data interface Ethernet
Power consumption 12 W
Dimensions 187 mm x 220 mm x 90 mm
Weight <2kg
Data interface Ethernet
Dimensions 187 mm x 220 mm x 90 mm
Number of pixels Up to 896 or 1024 (896x1, 448x1, 224x4 or 112x8)