Product Description

128-channel “general purpose” charge sensitive amplifier. Each channel features buffered preamplifiers, a shaper with sample/hold, multiplexed analogue readout and calibration facilities. In addition, each channel has a “fast” shaper that gives a trigger signal. The analogue value and the address of the triggering channels are read out. The ASIC can output all channels, only triggered, or triggered channels with neighbors. Each channel has input leakage current compensation automatically adjusted in each preamplifier channel. This ASIC can be used in parallel with many ASICs, sharing all output lines and some control lines.
Keywords: Readout, ASIC, charged particle tracking


  • A. Studen et al., “A silicon PET probe“, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Volume 648 (2011)

Product Features

Detectors Si, hybrid photon detector (HPD)
Detectors Si, hybrid photon detector (HPD)
Application Counting, Imaging
Number of inputs 128
Input charge range ±30 fC
Shaping time 500ns (VA), 50ns (TA)
Nominal capacitive load 10 pF
Equivalent Noise Charge (ENC) 70e + 12e/pF
Trigger threshold Programmable by 5-bit DAC
Trigger outputs Digital address of triggering channel
Outputs Multi-hit, multi-plexed amplitude, differential current, serial analogue, sparse readout
Test and calibration Internal calibration circuit