Product Description

The VATA450.3 is a 64 channel readout ASIC with CSA (charge sensitive amplifiers) and 10 bit ADCs with latches in every channel. Triggering is generated by a digital threshold applied to 10 bit digital comperators. A common mode (CM) detector is included on-chip. After each readout the threshold value is common mode corrected. Includes dummy channel for on-chip pedestal correction. Two pre-amplifier gain modes are configurable, with input charge range (dynamic range) ±16 fC or ±40 fC. The VATA450.3 has an alternative mode which provides lower noise (98e + 5.3e/pF) with an increased power dissipation (1mW/channel). Data is read out on a serialized digital interface, which also provides the triggering signals.
Keywords: ASTRO-H, soft gamma-ray detector (SGD)
Additional files: IDE-VATA450


Product Features

Detectors CZT, CdTe
Detectors CZT, CdTe
Application Tracking, Spectroscopy, Calorimetry
Number of inputs 64
Input charge range 2 gain settings: ±16 fC, ±40 fC
Shaping time 4 μs (VA), 0.6 μs (TA)
Nominal capacitive load 6 pF
Equivalent Noise Charge (ENC) 65e + 19e/pF
Trigger threshold Adjustable
Trigger outputs Common trigger output for all channels
Outputs Serial digitized pulse height
Test and calibration Calibration circuit and ADC test circuit