Product Description

33-channel and high dynamic range charge sensitive preamplifier-shaper circuit, with sample and hold, multiplexed analog readout and calibration facilities. Parallel analogue output of all 33 pre-amplifiers. Compatible with parallel connection to 32 channels TA-ASICs.
Keywords: Cosmic-rays, ISS


Product Features

Detectors Multi-anode photomultiplier (MA-PMT)
Application Imaging, Spectroscopy, Calorimetry
Number of inputs 33
Input charge range -20 pC to +8 pC
Shaping time 2 μs
Equivalent Noise Charge (ENC) 5200e + 5e/pF
Outputs Multiplexed pulse height and individual output per channel
Test and calibration Internal calibration circuit and test channel
Power consumption 3.4 mW / channel