Product Description

The ROSSPAD is a readout module for detecting and measuring the signals from silicon-photomultipliers / multi-pixel-photon-counters. The electronics is designed for the Hamamatsu S14161-6050HS SiPM. Detector modules can be connected to the ROSSPAD via 2 multipin connectors. This interface offers connection to all 64 input channels and the bias voltage. Events on each channel are detected at a high rate with a configurable dynamic range between -400pC and -16nC. The system is designed to measure negative input charges.


In spectroscopy mode the ROSSPAD can readout all 64 channels with a rate of up to 100k events per second. The event energy is digitized with 12-bit resolution, and the pulse-height is transmitted along with the timestamp, ASIC ID, and channel ID. The trigger threshold can be adjusted individually for each of the 64 channels.

IDEAS Testbench software is delivered with the module to ensure that the user can quickly start operating the ROSSPAD. This software allows module configuration, readout in all channel spectroscopy mode, pulse-height and histogram visualization, and data logging to file. It also includes a Python interpreter for scripting. An API is also available, allowing the design of customer-specific readout software.

The size of the module is 50 mm x 50 mm. The module depth is 48.5 mm, and its mass is 117 g. The ROSSPAD is controlled via an Ethernet interface and powered by a 5V power supply or a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) module. It also offers the possibility to synchronize several systems via a sync interface. The ROSSPAD can be purchased a complete system with a scintillator and detector. Upon request, the ROSSPAD can be made to fit to the other detectors.

Product Features

Detectors Hamamatsu S14161-6050HS SiPM
Application Gamma cameras, spectroscopic detectors, scintillator based pixelated detectors, absorber in Compton cameras
Number of inputs 64
Input charge range -400 pC / -4 nC / -8 nC / -16 nC
Shaping time 200 ns / 400 ns / 800 ns / 1600 ns
Trigger threshold Programmable. 8 bit for each channel
Power consumption Ca. 3.2 W
Max event detection rate 100k events/s in all channel readout
Charge value ADC resolution 12 bit
Data interface Ethernet
Power supply 5 V
Dimensions 50 mm x 50 mm x 48.5 mm