ROSSPAD Line Scanner

Product Description

The ROSSPAD Line Scanner is an x-ray and gamma-ray detector for industrial tomography. The sensitive area is 6.2mm wide and 397mm long. The detector is made with a linear array of 64 CsI (TI) scintillator crystals and a silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) . The ROSSPAD Line Scanner detects x-ray and gamma-rays with energies from 20 keV to 778 keV. The system can operate in spectroscopy-mode or counting-mode.
In spectroscopy mode, the ROSSPAD Line Scanner can readout all 64 channels with a rate of up to 20 000 frames per second. The event energy is digitized with 12-bit resolution, and the pulse-height is transmitted along with the timestamp, number of channels, and frame data. The trigger threshold can be adjusted individually for each of the 64 channels.
In count mode, the number of events over the threshold is readout for all 64 channels. Each channel has a counter which increments each time a trigger pulse is detected. The maximum event detection rate is approximately 20 000 frames per second. The readout interval can be set by the system between 50µs – 1s.
The ROSSPAD Line scanner provides the acquired data and is controlled via an Ethernet interface. The module is powered by a 5V power supply or a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) module. It also offers the possibility to synchronize several systems via a sync interface. An API is available, allowing the design of customer-specific readout software.

Product Features

Application X-ray and gamma-ray detector for industrial tomography
Sensitive area 2 460mm2 (6.2mm x 396.8mm)
Number of pixels 64
Energy range 20 keV to 778 keV
Trigger threshold Programmable.
Max event detection rate Ca. 20 000 frames per second
Data interfaces Ethernet
Power supply 3.2 W
Size of the front-end 480.4 mm x 80 mm x 38.6 mm
Size of the back-end 70 mm x 40.9 mm x 80 mm
Detector SensL MICROFJ-60035-TSV SiPM