Product Description

The INX-500 is a  current integrating x-ray detector system that allows one to acquire x-ray shadow images from liquidsor solid objects. The radiation sensor is made of CZT arranged in a line pattern. The readout electronics is based on IDEAS radiation sensor readout IC technology.
The INX-500 is designed for applications that require high radiation flux and high readout frame-rate (50000 frames per second). The integration time can be programmed to be as low as 50ns.
The INX-500 hardware is modular, which allows system designers to assemble any length of sensors in line or curved shapes.
Currently two types of sensor are available: 2-mm thick with 0.8-mm pixel pitch, and 5-mm thick with 1.6-mm pixel pitch.
The image data is transferred via standard Ethernet interface using custom TCP/UDB base readout and control protocol. A C-API and/or LabView-API are available.

Ordering Information

Product ID Detector Thickness Pixel Pitch Pixels per Seg. Pixel Layout per Seg. No. of Seg. Options
IDE-INX-500 5 mm 1.6 mm 1024 128×8 max 8 C and/or LabVIEW API; auxiliary synch and power equipment.
IDE-INX-501 2 mm 800 μm 256×4

Product Features

Detectors CZT, 2-mm or 5-mm thick
Application Industrial X-ray, NDT, Process Flow Tomography, Fluid-Dynamics Analysis
Number of pixels Up to 1024
Scalable Yes, up to several meters
Frame rate Up to 50 000 samples/s
Input charge range Several 100keV
Pixel pitch 800μm or 1.6 mm
Data interface Ethernet, TCP/UDP
Power consumption 12 W
Dimensions 204.8 mm x 12.8mm for 1.6um pixel pitch
Weight <2kg
Data interface Ethernet, TCP/UDP
Dimensions 204.8 mm x 12.8mm for 1.6um pixel pitch
Number of pixels Up to 1024