Chip for generation and acquisition of signals. Designed for use in infrared applications, with high framerate and large focal plane arrays. Currently in development. Contact IDEAS for more information on availability.

The IDE8420 is a radiation tolerant control and acquisition integrated circuit (IC) for large area hybrid imaging focal plane arrays (FPA). It is designed for use in high speed, large area focal plane applications, making it particularly suitable for MCT or InSb based applications in Earth observation and security. It integrates the functionality that is usually found in discrete proximity electronics into one radiation tolerant SoC.

Programmed via an SPI interface, NIRCA’s sequencer runs at a frequency of 0-50 MHz and controls 16 digital outputs, 16 analog outputs, and 4 LDOs supplying external units. 16 digital outputs may be controlled in a single cycle using the 256×32b digital vector memory. Analog data may be captured using sixteen 14-bit Pipeline ADCs, each with a programmable gain preamplifier input stage. Data from 8 digital inputs may also be captured, or tested generating an IRQ for a master-controller. All captured waveform data is serialized and sent upstream using LVDS and 8b/10b encoding. Adding CameraLink or Gigabit Ethernet is possible.

Product Features

Detectors MCT, InGaAs, PbS, micro-bolometer, Si, CCD
Analogue inputs 32 (+additional monitoring inputs)
Number of ADCs 16
ADC Resolution 14-bit
ADC Sampling Rate 20 Msps
Number of DACs 16
Programming Interface SPI
Embedded Microcontroller Custom sequencer with reduced instruction-set
Control outputs 16 synchronized arbitrary waveform output
Control inputs 8 digital inputs
Additional signalling Discrete interrupt signal (IRQ)
Powersaving features Individual powerdown of function blocks and video channels