Product Description

12-channel charge sensitive preamplifer-shaper circuit with programmable peaking time from 0.75 µs to 4 µs and current compensation on each input. The dynamic range is from 0 to -5.43 fC which covers 3.5 keV to 140 keV in CdTe/CZT. The shaper is connected to a comparator with adjustable threshold settings. When the signal out from the shaper exceeds the comparator threshold a trigger signal is generated. Upon trigger the ASIC delivers a package containing the triggering channel address and a value proportional to the energy of the deposited charge. The ASIC is then automatically reset, and is ready for the next radiation event.The countrate of the ASIC is up to 100 kcps.
Keywords: Radiation detector, X-ray single photon spectroscopy


Product Features

Detectors CZT, CdTe
Detectors CZT, CdTe
Application Counting, Spectroscopy
Number of inputs 12
Input charge range 12 0 fC to -5.14 fC
Shaping time 0.75 µs to 4 µs programmable
Nominal capacitive load 4 pF
Equivalent Noise Charge (ENC) 110e
Trigger threshold Adjustable
Outputs Multiplexed differential current and a digital interface for triggered readout packages.
Test and calibration Internal calibration circuit for gain calibration.