Product Description

The IDE1140 (previously VA140) is a 64 channel low-noise/low power high dynamic range charge sensitive preamplifier-shaper circuit, with simultaneous sample and hold, multiplexed analogue readout, calibration facilities and internally generated biases. High integration time.
The pre-amplification stage is optimized for a 50pF detector capacitive load. The ASIC can use an active current compensation by introducing a MOS source/sink at the preamplifier’s input.
The IDE1140 is an updated version of the VA64HDR9A ASIC.
Keywords: Space, astrophysics, cosmic rays


Product Features

Detectors Silicon (Si)
Detectors Silicon (Si)
Application Imaging, Spectroscopy, Calorimetry
Number of inputs 64
Input charge range ±200 fC
Shaping time 5 µs to 8 μs
Nominal capacitive load 50 pF
Equivalent Noise Charge (ENC) 98e + 6.5e/pF
Outputs Multiplexed pulse height
Test and calibration Internal calibration circuit
Power consumption 0.29 mW / channel