CZT readout system for high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy.

Product Description

The GDS-100 is a system made to read out CZT detectors. The system is based on an IDEAS readout ASIC with charge-sensitive preamplifier inputs for each CZT pixel and includes the necessary analog and digital electronics for controlling and performing the readouts.

The GDS-100 includes a digital core with pre-installed IDEAS firmware, a calibration circuit for charge injection, and is powered by a single 6 V supply, and controlled via Ethernet. High-voltage bias for the CZT detectors must be applied externally. The front-end is based around a readout ASIC from IDEAS with 121 charge-sensitive pre-amplifier inputs. Up to four front-ends can be inserted.

The system is delivered with a rudimentary PC software for control and data acquisition. An API is also included, letting the user design their own data acquisition software.

Product Features

Detector type Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT)
Detector dimensions 20x20 mm
Application Gamma cameras, spectroscopic detectors, isotope identification
Number of inputs 121 per detector
Number of detectors 1-4
Input range 4 programmable settings: 0.7, 3, 7, 9 MeV
Power consumption Ca 5 W
Power input 6 V
Data interface List mode digital raw data via Ethernet UDP/TCP
Synchronization I/O 1 input, 1 output
Power consumption Ca 5 W
Data interface List mode digital raw data via Ethernet UDP/TCP