Galao ROIC Development Kit

Product Description

The Galao Development Kit is a readout system used to access and work with IDEAS ROICs (readout ICs). The kit consists of all the hardware, firmware and software needed for ROIC control and readout. It supports several IDEAS ROICs with different functionality and interface methods. The system consists of following main components:

  • Galao board: General purpose control board with control and readout circuitry
  • ROIC test board: Interchangeable ROIC-specific board
  • IDEAS Testbench: Software for controlling the boards and ROIC

The Galao board includes a digital core pre-installed IDEAS firmware, a calibration circuit for charge injection, trigger receivers, bias generators, and an analog receiver with 14-bit data ADC. It is powered by a single 5 V supply, and controlled via Ethernet.

The ROIC test boards contain wire-bonded ROICs and circuitry needed for the specific ROICs, as well as test points for all key ROIC signals. The boards also have front-end connectors for detectors, simplifying testing of the ROIC together with the intended detector. Schematic of the board is delivered along with the Galao ROIC Development Kit, giving the possibility to use it as basis for the design an application-specific ROIC readout system.

IDEAS Testbench is the control and readout software created by IDEAS. It allows for configuration of ROICs, readout with data being presented in plots while being obtained, and data logging to file. It also has an integrated Python interpreter for customized ROIC control and readout functionality. IDEAS Testbench is supported by Windows.

Download the Galao Overview document for more information.

Supported ROICs

ROIC ROIC test board Release
VATA64HDR16.2 VATA64HDR16-TG Available now
IDE3380 IDE3380_SIPHRA-TG Available now
VATA450.3/VATA460.3 * VATA4XX-TG Available now
VATAGP7.2 ** VATAGPX-TG Available now

* VATA461 to be supported by this test board in the future.

** VATAGP8 to be supported by this test board in the future.

Please contact us about release dates for these test board variations.

More ROIC test boards are being developed. For more information about specific ROIC test boards, please contact IDEAS.

Galao Overview

Galao system overview

Product Features

Inputs Detector interface, ROIC test boards
Application Evaluation and verification of IDEAS ROICs, Reference design for ROIC integration
Outputs Ethernet
Test and calibration ASIC charge injection circuit