CA3.2 padframe

Product Description

The CA3 is an ASIC with 32/64-channels for energy resolved single-photon counting optimized for CZT/CdTe detectors. Each channel consists of a preamplifier, two shaping amplifiers, 3 or 6 (depending on operating mode) discriminators and 16-bit counters.

The CA3 has to main modes: 32 channel with 6 energy levels discriminated or with 64 channels and 3 energy levels discriminated. Each energy level is configured globally from input pads and can be adjusted per channel by internal DACs. The counters are outputted through a parallel interface, which makes it possible to connect multiple CA3 on the same bus.

Keywords: Energy Resolved Photon Counting, Singe-Photon Counting, X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Tomography


Product Features

Detectors CZT, CdTe
Detectors CZT, CdTe
Application Counting, Imaging
Number of inputs 32 / 64
Input charge range 0 fC to -4.2 fC
Shaping time 50 ns
Nominal capacitive load 10 pF
Equivalent Noise Charge (ENC) 105e + 40e/pF
Trigger threshold Adjustable per channel
Trigger outputs Common trigger output for all channels
Outputs 16-bit counter parallel interface with overflow
Test and calibration 1 digital in, 1 external capacitor and 1 internal capacitor
Power consumption 210 mW (32 channel mode), 270 mW (64 channel mode)