Integrated circuits from IDEAS can be applied in industrial scanning applications. The following technologies are covered

  • Process Tomography for Pipe Flow Technology

    Multiphase flow is the transport of different materials in different states or phases (solid, liquid, gas). Applications are in power plants or industrial installations. Process tomography is a pipe flow technology that allows one to measure the quantity of materials flowing through the pipe. Process tomography is of interest for the oil and gas industry, in power plants and in the nuclear industry. IDEAS has worked for process tomography and the following technology is available for this field.

    1. CA3 in process tomograph with energy resolved photon counting
    2. VASCM3 in process tomograph with current integration
    3. XCS-1000 photon counting system based on CZT detectors and CA3 readout ASIC
  • Food Processing

    The food industry uses many screening techniques to assess and assure food safety and food quality. For example, x-ray screening is important for the detection of dangerous objects in food (e.g. glass in marmalade, cut bones in meat) and quality assurance (e.g. meat muscle tissue and fat content). Dual energy x-ray methods can also identify illicit elements/objects in the food after packaging. IDEAS has designed integrated circuits that can be used in line scanners for x-ray screening of food.

    1. CA3 ASIC and VASCM3 readout IC in x-ray line scanners based on CdTe
    2. XCS-1000 photon counting system based on CZT detectors and CA3 readout ASIC