IDEAS in 2017 New ASICs and Systems – Now Available

Welcome to this short review of new ASICs and systems at IDEAS in 2017. Our core competence is mixed-signal ASIC design and imaging product development. We are very happy that developers have entrusted us with new design tasks also in 2017.

Our ASICs and systems are intended for scientists and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). If you like you can find a more detailed review of IDEAS recent products at the 2017 IEEE NSS conference in Atlanta.

Vast thanks from IDEAS in 2017.


New System Products from IDEAS in 2017

In 2017 we developed and tested new electronic systems products.

  • INX-500 – X-ray line detector based on CZT using current integration; main benefits are up to 50000 frames/second, and down to 50-ns integration time for very high intensities. Intended for scientists and OEMs in flow-tomography and special x-ray scanning applications.
  • SRE-3020 – Gamma-ray spectrometer and camera; intended for scientists, OEMs of high-sensitivity radiation hot-spot locators and isotope identifiers.
  • ROSMAP-MP for SONDE at the ESS – Readout module for multi-anode photomultiplier tubes (Hamamatsu H8500C and H12700, or Photonis Planacon);
  • Galao ROIC Development Kit – Extended for other ASICs: SiPM readout (SIPHRA), VATA450/VATA460 (thanks to JAXA), and VATAGP7/VATAGP8/VATAGP9.

You can purchase the system OEM products directly from us or our resellers.


New ASICs from IDEAS in 2017

In 2017 we worked on several new ASICs.

The most interesting work was the design of the fast ADC, an IP which will be important also for other ROIC and ASIC designs in the future. Besides design work we also enjoyed testing our SiPM readout ASIC with photo sensors and scintillators.

Normally we manufacture ASICs at AMS, and also at other foundries in Asia. We keep a stock of chips for quick deliveries, and we can always manufacture more when needed. You can purchase the chips off-the-shelf in bare dice or packaged on request. You can find the complete list of IDEAS ASICs with short desciption and references. Please contact us, if your are curious about our products or if would like to do business with us. We are there to help you.


The IDEAS development Team.

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