Czech – Norway Project Demos Thermal Neutron Imager

The AD-BANG project partners from Czech Republic and Norway met at SINTEF Minalab on Monday 13. March 2017. The photo shows the participants from Prague IEAP CTU, DDAIR FNSPE CTU, NRPI, FME CTU and Oslo Integrated Detector Electronics AS and SINTEF.

Participants at the project meeting.

Participants at the project meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange progress and results of the AD-BANG project.
One of the main achievements was the demonstration of prototype hardware that allows one to acquire images with thermal neutrons.

The AD-BANG project develops Advanced Detectors for Better Awareness of Neutrons and Gamma radiation in the environment, see The approach ensures high neutron sensitivity, excellent gamma rejection, and very low power consumption. The developed prototype solves several problems of conventional neutron sensors. Details were reported earlier at the IEEE NSS 2016, see conference proceedings. The potential fields of applications are:

  • non-destructive material testing,
  • biophysical research,
  • dosimetry for hadron therapy,
  • radio-protection and nuclear waste management,
  • detection of radiological threats,
  • oil and gas prospection,
  • research and development of fusion and fission reactors.

The successful demonstration with prototype hardware concludes the most important milestone towards completion of the project in April 2017. The partners gratefully acknowledge funding from EEA/Norway Grants program from the Research Council of Norway contract MSMT-28477/2014 and support from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

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