Oslo IWORID 2023

The 24th International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors (iWoRiD2023)

The Workshop will take place in Oslo, Norway between the 25th and 29th of June 2023. The iWoRiD2023 workshop provides an international forum for discussing current state-of-the-art, latest research and developments, and novel applications of position sensitive detectors for radiation imaging, including semiconductor, gas, and scintillator-based detectors.  The workshop will cover topics of all radiation imaging, including processing and characterization of detector materials, hybridization and interconnect technologies, electronic design, data acquisition systems, and applications.

Detailed programme https://indico.cern.ch/event/1247911/timetable/#20230626.detailed

More information https://www.iworid.science/

4th Toulouse CMOS Image Sensor Workshop

CNES, ESA, AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, THALES ALENIA SPACE, SODERN invited to the 4th Toulouse CMOS image sensors workshop entitled “CMOS Image Sensors for high performance applications”, in Toulouse on November 18th, 19th , 2015. The aim of this workshop was to focus on those custom CMOS image sensors that offer high performance thanks to specific design, technologies/processes or on-chip processing.
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