Multi-channel readout for arrays of SiPM – the IDE3380

The integrated circuit was developed under contract from ESA and the Norwegian Space Center.

The IDEAS IDE3380 is a general purpose integrated circuit (IC) for the readout of silicon photomultipliers (SiPM). The SiPM is a relatively new type of optical sensor for the detection and timing of single photons. While the IC was designed primarily for arrays with many SiPM, it can also read out state-of-the-art

photomultiplier tubes (PMT). Like PMT, SiPM and arrays of SiPM can be used for many applications, for example, medical imaging, life sciences, industrial scanning, and range finding.

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2021 Internship

We are looking for an individual to characterise prototype hardware in our lab, analyse the measured data and summarise the results in a technical report. The activity is limited to 6-months and shall start in October 2021. The work includes measurements of electronic and optical nature.
Candidates should be in their last year of study in physics or electrical engineering. Experience in raw-data image processing would be of advantage. Please contact IDEAS for opportunities,