2021 Internship

We are looking for an individual to characterise prototype hardware in our lab, analyse the measured data and summarise the results in a technical report. The activity is limited to 6-months and shall start in October 2021. The work includes measurements of electronic and optical nature.
Candidates should be in their last year of study in physics or electrical engineering. Experience in raw-data image processing would be of advantage. Please contact IDEAS for opportunities,

Powered by IDEAS ICs: CPT-SCOPE takes to the skies

On October 10, 2015 at 09:16:54 UTC the BEXUS 20 stratospheric balloon was launched from Esrange in Kiruna, northern-Sweden. On-board was the CPT-SCOPE instrument developed by students from Norway and Germany alongside two other student experiments HACORD (Belgium) and COSPA (Germany). The CPT-SCOPE team was the first Norwegian participation selected by European space experts for the Swedish-German BEXUS program which is supported by ESA and other organisations.

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