Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Module

The SRE3020 “VAST” series is a family of OEM camera modules for gamma and x-ray spectroscopy. The camera module is designed to allow integration in user-end instruments, and is delivered with 1 pixelated mono-crystal CZT sensor (two-sensor version will be developed) and readout electronics based on IDEAS’ proprietary front-end IC technology.

The SRE3020 is designed to deliver information for reconstructing the 3-dimensional position of the events (photo-absorption, Compton scattering, etc.) occurring in the detector. The device is suited for users who intend to do Compton reconstruction of the detected events, as both the scatter and absorption events are detected by the same sensor.

Multiple SRE3020 can be connected to build a synchronized system with a larger sensitive detector volume. Each camera module includes I/O interfaces for synchronization.

The event data is available over a standard Ethernet network interface. The detector system is delivered with the “IDEAS Testbench” testing software. APIs for C and LabVIEW also be delivered together with the detector system – allowing the user to quickly make user-end applications.

Product Features

DetectorCadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT)
ApplicationRadiation hot-spot location, isotope identification, nuclear plant monitoring, compton scatter collimation
Number of inputs121
Dynamic rangeUp to to 3 MeV
Maximum event rate18 000 events/s
Detector bias voltage0 V to -2000 V
Data interfaceEthernet
Dimensions75 mm x 75 mm x 63 mm
MassCa 200 g
Power consumptionCa 4.5 W
Synchronization I/O1 input, 1 output