ASIC Development

IDEAS is specialized in the development of digital, analogue and mixed analogue-digital full custom designed integrated circuits, such as application specific integrated circuits (ASIC). The ASIC development process includes all activities beginning with definition of initial requirements and ending with the validation and release of prototype devices. The detailed work includes technology selection, circuit design, synthesis and simulation, layout and design validation in a schedule compatible with requirements in a cost-efficient way. IDEAS is familiar with the responsibilities and risks in developing custom made devices for many applications. IDEAS tailors and manages the risks and responsibilities depending on the customers needs and possibilities. The following items are important for successful ASIC development

  • Quality and product assurance
  • Schedule and milestones from definition to release of devices
  • Design complexity and existing circuits
  • Technology readiness and model philosophy
  • Outputs and deliverables
  • Resources – Team, Tools and Fabs